In the News

Blogger hints a US congressman will soon be outed as gay (by James Withers, Gay Star News, 6.22.13)

Tops in transgender activism and service: Three Queensites make list of advocates (by Peter C. Mastrosimone, Queens Chronicle, 5.9.13) 

Dropping the ‘T’: Trans Rights in the Marriage Era (by Emily Greenhouse, New Yorker Magazine, 4.5.13)

NYC coalition calls on elected officials to stop fueling islamophobia and suppressing criticism of Israel (by Adam Horowitz, 3.12.13)

Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act: Transgender New Yorkers Still Waiting For Equality (by Matt Sledge, Huffington Post, 10.5.11)

Moving Beyond  Shock on Transgender Health (by Paul Schindler, Gay City News editorial, 9.14.11)

The GENDA Gap: What N.Y. Plans to Do About It (by Julie Bolcer, The Advocate, 9.8.11)

NYS Senate Kills Transgender Rights (by Andy Humm, Gay City News, 7.7.11)

Will Transgender New Yorkers Benefit from Marriage Equality? (by Michael K. Lavers, Edge on the Net, 7.21.11)

Fifth Avenue St. Pat’s Gay Ban Draws Fire Again (GCN, 3.18.11)

New York Anti-Bullying Law Signed, Goes Into Effect In Two Years (by Bridgette P. LaVictoire, LezGetReal, 9.8.10)

New York anti-bullying bill becomes law (by Michael K. Lavers, Edge on the Net, 9.8.10)

Paterson signs anti-bullying law (by Paul Schindler, Gay City News, 9.8.10)

Hundreds of LGBT & Allied Groups Call on Congress to Pass ENDA Now (National Stonewall Democrats, 4.21.10)

Being Queer, a Place in Religion & Spirituality (Q-Wave general meeting, 3.19.10)

TLDEF Board Member Pauline Park Featured on WNYC (3.31.10)

LGBT Americans Outraged at Delay in Basic Job Rights (United ENDA, 12.4.09)

Transgender Job Seekers (The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC, 6.23.09)

Anti-Bullying Program Gets Gay Boost (by Andy Humm, Gay City News, 3.18.10)

28 June 2009
Withers: What is Pride weekend without a little protest? (By James Withers,, 6.28.09)

26 June 2009
Follow-Up Friday: Transgender Rights and Cell Phones and Planes (Brian Lehrer Show interview with Pauline Park, 6.26.09)

23 June 2009
From Stonewall to Gay Marriage (Brian Lehrer Show forum on the LGBT movement, 6.23.09)

11 June 2009
Trans Rights Go Global (by Doug Ireland, GCN, 6.11.09)

10 June 2009
Tambalean bodas gay (by Carmen Alarcón, El Diario/La Prensa, 6.10.09) (in spanish)

New Yorkers Lobby Albany for Equality and Justice Day in Record Numbers (by Kat Long, New York Blade, 5.1.2009)

Human Rights Campaign Praises New York State Assembly for Passing Bill To Prohibit Transgender Discrimination (, 4.23.09)

29 Sep 2008
Idealist’s ‘New York 40′ list (Idealist in NYC, 9.29.08)

28 July 2008
Rhode Island film fest features GLBT-themed movies (by Joe Siegel, Edge Providence, 7.28.08)

Jan/Feb 2008
Becoming a Black Man” (By Daisy Hernández, ColorLines)

07 Dec 2007
New York Welcome, Reps from HRC get an earful at a town hall on ENDA” (Housing Works AIDS Issues Update)

14 Nov 2007
Queering The Lines (by Grace Moon,, 11.14.07)

01 Oct 2007
“Heeding Task Force, HRC, Many Others, Congress Slows Down ENDA” (By Paul Schindler, GCN)

20 Sept 2007
“Transgendered” (description of Montel Williams show segment, 9.20.07)

07 Sept 2007
“NYC Birth Certificate Policy Unfair to Transgendered” (op-ed by Dennis DeLeon and Pauline Park, NYB, 09.07.07)

28 Aug 2007
Pauline Park (profile and interview)” (By Brianna Austin,, 8.28.07)

27 Aug 2007
Finding the Real Me” (By Xiaoqing Rong, Sing Tao Daily, 8.27.07)

06 July 2007
“Bloomberg’s record on gay issues is dismal” (letter to the editor, Washington Blade, 7.6.07)

15 June 2007
“Transgender Health Fair Debuts at LGBT Center” (New York Blade)

14 June 2007
“Transgender Health Fair Draws 150″ (Gay City News)

08 June 2007
“Varied Voices” (review of “Undesirable Elements”) (GCN, 6.8.07)

01 June 2007
“Trans Health Fair Debuts at Center” By Brett Krutzsch (New York Blade)

01 June 2007
“Gender Offender, NewFest film to screen despite outcry from trans activists” By Michael K. Lavers (New York Blade)

June 2007
“Crossing the Line: Korean American transgender people step beyond cultural stigmas to share their stories ” By Michelle Woo (KoreAm Journal)

May 2007
“2007 Mazzoni Center Trans-Health Conference Tremendous Success” (excerpt from the Mazzoni Center newsletter)

May 2007
Legal Sex Change?” (

24 May 2007
“Clocking in on Trans Bias” (GCN, 5.24.2007)

21 May 2007
MHVTA, Mid Hudson Valley Transgender Assoc. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. USA

“New Yorkers Join National Fight for Trans Equality” (By Brett Krutzsch, NY Blade)

Dignity for All”, TransNation” (San Francisco Bay Times, 5.10.07)

03 Feb 2007
Pauline Park: Standing Up for Transgender Rights“ (Interview with Celia De Leon for

1 Jan 2007
“Thompson Broadens Gender Effort” (By Paul Schindler, Gay City News, 1.4.07)

19 Nov 2006
Transgender Day of Remembrance” (Long Island, 11.19.2006)

8 Nov 2006
“Gender change rule eyed” (By Amy Zimmer, Metro New York)

2 Nov 2006
“Revisions Likely in Birth Certificate Policy” (By Paul Schindler, Gay City News)

27 April 2006
Nothing but silence – Day of Silence promotes LGBT awareness” (By Meghan O’Kelly)

Pride Goes on Parade (by Jacob E. Osterhout, New York Daily News, 6.25.05)

15 June 2005
A loo of one’s own (by Tamiko Beyer, The Indypendent, 6.15.05)

2 April 2005
Transgender Group Reaches Agreement on Restrooms (By Nicholas Confessore, New York Times)

12 Dec 2004
City issues transgender guidelines (NYB)

17 Sep 2004
City Council passes anti-bully law (NYB)

27 Aug 2004
Transgendered Face Health Crisis (NYB)

9 Aug 2004
HRC pledges to back only trans-inclusive legislation (PO)

5 Aug 2004
“Decision Day on Trans Rights: HRC board meets amidst growing demand for trans-inclusive legislation” (GCN)

30 Jul 2004
Local trans leaders vs. HRC (NYB)

22 Jul 2004
Trans Politics on Long Island (GCN)

1 Jul 2004
Council Passes School Anti-Bullying Bill (GCN)

17 Jun 2004
Dignity Coalition Voices Concerns (GCN)

18 Jun 2004
N.J. Trans Group Returns Grant, Group alleges Human Rights Campaign ignores needs of transgendered people (By Nicholas Boston, Gay City News)

17 Jun 2004
Dignity Coalition Voices Concerns (By Nicholas Boston, Gay City News)

28 May 2004
Trans protection compromised? Two years after law was passed, commission still has no guidelines (NYB)

27 May 2004
City Holds Gender Law Hearings (GCN)

18 May 2004
Transsexuals Get the Nod for Olympics (by Tracy Connor, NY Daily News, 5.18.04)

30 Apr 2004
Up a tree in Central Park Barely clothed couple cause media frenzy (NYB)

29 Apr 2004
Council to Vote on Harassment Bill (GCN)
City Needs to Start Enforcing Transgender Rights Bill (GCN)

22 Jan 2004
Looking for Initiative, Will the state Assembly advance same-sex partner issues? (GCN)

13 Nov 2003
“The Glass Is Half Full, Mostly” (NGLTF/NCTE/NYAGRA forum) (GCN)

10 Oct 2003
Squabble Over Student Dignity Bill (GCN)

26 Sep 2003
Transgender family values (SV)

5 Sept 2003
Gender at its Core – Freedom of expression and the debate over identity politics (GCN)

25 Jul 2003
Advocates Mourn Loss of a Friend; LGBT leaders cite Davis for outreach and openness (GCN)

18 Jul 2003
NYAGRA: an ongoing crusade (profile of NYAGRA NYB)

18 Jul 2003
Parking Rights (Pauline Park is fighting for transgender rights)(by Kevin Allison, New York Blade, 7.18.03)

20 Jun 2003
Sex in the City forum (HX)

20 Jun 2003
Dignity and GENDA Stymied, Nearing recess in Albany, trans-phobic GOP stonewalls bills
By Mick Meenan (Gay City News)

19 Jun 2003
Book Review: The Man Who Would Be Queen (GT)

16 May 2003
An Historic Meeting of Asian LGBTs (GCN)

16 May 2003
Gay Asians: mad as hell & not taking it: ‘Boiling Rice’ panel at Center explores widespread prejudice (NYB)

11 Apr 2003
NGLTF Choice of Foreman Wins Wide Praise (GCN)

31 Mar 2003
Pauline Park challenges identity politics (GTR)

19 Mar 2003
“Georgie Girl” P.O.V. (PBS)

6 Jan 2003
The Biggest Gay/Lesbian News Stories of 2002 (GT)

26 Dec 2002
New Law Protecting Gays Wins Praise from Queens (TL)

13 Dec 2002
Unity Eludes SONDA Advocates (GCN)

6 Dec 2002
Confidentiality Safeguards Sought; Queens Councilmember Monserrate proposes protections for accessing city services (GCN)

27 Sep 2002
Paradigm Shift in Queer Agenda (GCN)

27 Sep 2002
Time Short on ESPA Call (GCN)

27 Sep 2002
New Perspectives & Push on Trans Rights (GCN)

20 Sep 2002
Joe Grabarz Leaving Pride Agenda; Matt Foreman returns as interim chief as permanent replacement sought (GCN)

20 Sep 2002
Blackface Flap at Chelsea bar; A debate about bigotry and free speech ignites (GCN)

6 Aug 2002
Transgender Law Making Strides (FN)

27 April 2002
Bloomberg Set to Sign Transgender Rights Law (By Paul Schindler Lesbian & Gay New York (LGNY)

2 July 2002
In Her Own Image: Transgender Activist Pauline Park; The Gully speaks with transgender activist and Korean adoptee, Pauline Park (TG)

9 May 2002
NYAGRA open letter to the community

24 Apr 2002
NYC Council Passes Transgender Rights Bill

25 Feb 2002
NYAGRA’s Response to ESPA’s Open Letter to New York’s LGBT Community on SONDA

Transgender Rights Bill Gets Lip From Rudy (by Frank Lombardi, New York Daily News, 5.6.01) 

20 June 2001
The crying game” (By Nina Siegal, News)

3 Jan 2001
An open letter to Gender Rights Activists

29 Aug 2000
Transgender Rights” (editorial, New York Times)

01 April 2000
NYAGRA participation in ESPA lobby day” (letter to LGNY, April 2000)